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Ultimate SMS For Android
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UltimateSMS provides you with a customized experience of using SMS to communitcate with your friends and other people, and keeps all your messages encrypted internally so that they are safe and private and nobody can access to them.

You can customize incoming SMS tones for different phone numbers so that you know who sent you a message just by listening to alert tones. You will also be alerted for unread messages. You can create automatic SMS sending schedules. For example, you can let the application send SMS to people at 9:00 am every morning, 5:00 pm every Monday and Friday, , send a message 100 times, or set up a Happy Birthday message to your friends. All you have to do is to create a one-time schedules and the application will handle them for you. You can make templates to save yourself from typing the same messages again and again.

Major Features:

  • customize incoming tones
  • keep all messages private and safe
  • create automatic sending schedules
  • make re-usable templates
  • export all messges to a text file
  • import old messages from your native inbox/sent box
  • filter out unwanted messages by phone number or content
  • remind you of unread messages periodically
  • support auto reply/forward schedules

    Please refer to the built-in application help for details. Menu>help.

This application can be found in Android Market from your Android phones

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